It's the smile of your baby, what makes life worth living 

Twinky was founded in the spring of 2021 in Maastricht. Created for you, designed for the future.

At Twinky you will always be able to find the ideal security within your home. This allows your little one to embark on an adventure in the mobile world together with his new best friend. Twinky makes parenting and shopping more fun, comfortable and affordable.

Twinky was founded from a team with a great passion, namely opening the world for babies in an innovative way. From experience we have noticed that babies want a lot, but are not yet able to do this without constant supervision. Our mission is to cover this care from parenting in the most efficient and safe way.

Our core values

Our business concept is based on 6 values. So that you always know what to expect from Twinky:

✅ The ultimate safety for your newborn baby

✅ A memorable journey of exciting discoveries in life for your baby

✅ Extremely fast deliveries

✅ 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

✅ The highest personal reliability in terms of quality and service

✅ 24/7 guaranteed availability

“Great Adventures start small. And when life's adventure begins, love never ends.”

Company Name: Shipple

Chamber of Commerce: 76811638

Address: Frans Erenslaan 34, 6371GV Landgraaf