Would you like to become a Brand Representative for Twinky?

A brand rep is, in the case of the baby niche, a parent who takes pictures of his or her child in Twinky's products and promotes the products. The promotion of our baby and children's products is often done via our Instagram. In some cases, our products may also be promoted in another way. Of course this is always in consultation.

Of course you don't just become a Brandrep, there are a number of requirements for this. All requirements are discussed in advance and the brand rep receives a contract that helps both parties. When you are a brand rep you will receive Twinky products for free. We choose the products and indicate which outfits you can photograph. Agreements are also made about the quality of the photos, the background and of course the social media account. The photos that are taken in combination with our products can of course be shared on your own instagram.

I want to become a Brand Representative!

Awesome! Send an email to info@twinkystore.nl

Mention in the email:

  • the age of the baby
  • the length of the baby
  • the sex
  • the name of your instagram account
  • send some nice pictures of your child. (Please note
  • no photos without clothing , the child must always wear underwear or a diaper)
  • we also want to know why you want to become a brand rep

Follow @twinky.nl on instagram. On our instagram account we are looking for new collaborations. So keep a close eye on our feed.

All registrations are included in our brand rep file. If you are interested, you will receive an email from us!

Baby models and influencers wanted

Once in a while we are looking for a model (both boy and girl) in the Limburg/Brabant area  participate in a photo shoot. We often do this when we want to launch a new collection or product. As a result, we are not always looking for new models. When we open a new search, it is for both boys and girls. The type of models we are looking for depend on the product we are going to launch in the future. So keep an eye on our Instagram account or contact us if you are interested.