On vacation with Twinky

Jantje is a happy and playful baby, last month we celebrated his first birthday. And today we arrived at the campsite in Zeeland.

Walking is not quite possible yet, but crawling all the more. Jantje effortlessly crawls from tent to caravan or wherever. If we weren't paying attention, Jantje would quietly explore the campsite while crawling. But as active as Jantje is, he also likes to sit at the table with us.

And not on your lap.. no sir wants his own place already, otherwise he will just go on a hunger strike, and you can completely forget about sitting still.

But that own place is easier said than done, because when we have breakfast in front of the tent and put Jantje on a chair, he wobbles in all directions and we have to make sure that it doesn't fall off. Jantje barely rises above the table.

So not ideal.. but yes, on my lap was also a drama.

'That's going to be a hassle all holiday, and we'll be here for another 2 weeks' is what I thought.

Until I came across the dining chair from Twinky on the internet, I thought it looked nice and it seemed perfect for Jantje's problem.

I ordered the Highchair from Twinky , and it was delivered the next day, delivered in a nice box and a clear manual to quickly assemble the chair. It's all nicely and compactly put together, I got a positive feeling about it. But the moment of truth was yet to come…

That evening the time had come.. my partner Johan was cooking and I sat down at the table with Jantje.. it was also dinner time for him..

'Here we go'.. it sounds weird but because this was always a struggle, I didn't get any fun out of it anymore, but then...

Then I put him in the Twinky High Chair and he immediately started beaming! He immediately seemed to feel at ease and sat quietly. He now not only had his own place, but also his own table like a real big boy.

He was eating quietly and safely in his own place.

Perfect! Not only was Jantje happy with his own place, I also finally had my hands free to tidy up the things at ease without having to constantly watch that Jantje didn't move from his place.

Afterwards, the Baby chair had become a bit dirty from Jantje's eating skills, but this was really super easy to clean.

We were so relieved, we already saw it happen that this would be a hassle during the entire holiday. But with the new dining chair we can now eat quietly together at the table, I have the feeling that the Twinky High Chair literally saved our holiday.

Twinky's chair with multiple unique functions, and these are designed to last for years, you can find it here: https://twinkystore.nl/collections/chair