Are baby walkers bad for your baby's hips? Nothing could be further from the truth!

For a long time the myth has been circulating on the Internet that baby walkers are by definition bad for the development of your baby.

Before we argue the statement, we first state that excess is never good, that applies to everything. It is unnatural, tiring for the legs and especially inadvisable to let your Baby walk in a baby walker daily and for a long time.

However, from 6 months and when the baby can sit independently, walking in a Walker for about half an hour* a day is actually positive for your baby's development**. The urge to walk increases strongly and this is clearly experienced as very pleasant.

Twinky's walkers are designed with the utmost care to create a perfect walking experience for babies. Equipped with various fun toys, it will bring that sweet smile every time your Baby is placed in the chair. The radio contains the nicest classic cheerful tunes, which are mainly sung in preschool and primary schools.

A unique feature of the Twinky walker is the foot mat, which you can easily install. Thanks to this foot mat, your little one can 'rest' in the chair, as it were, and the baby walker will remain in place.

The walker can be fully adjusted to the height of your baby thanks to the 6 height positions, the ideal position ensures that the child can just reach the ground.

We probably don't have to tell you as a parent that it is advisable to be present at all times when the little one is walking around in the chair. This way you prevent things from being bumped into or your baby coming into contact with inadvisable things.

All in all, with our first blog post we want to rightly say that we look in the interest of your Baby's development. And that the Twinky Babywalker can promote life's enriching adventure. View our baby walkers here.


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With smile,

Jesse 🐵

* this can be increased gradually as your baby gets older and has experience in the Babywalker

** View more benefits of baby walkers here